Stinky soccer shoes

Knowing the smell of smelly soccer shoes is an experience every player can share. It is an uncomfortable situation that can affect not only you but also your teammates. But there a solution that can fix this problem: PediFris®.

Specially developed to ensure that your feet and soccer shoes always smell 100% fresh, no matter how intense the action on the field has been.

Find out how you will walk confidently into the locker room again.


Remove odor from smelly soccer shoes

PediFris® tackles odor at the source by fighting bacteria and mold, the culprits behind the smell. So say goodbye to that nasty sweaty foot odor and pull off your soccer shoes with confidence.

How is it possible for soccer shoes to smell

Soccer shoes undergo harsh conditions. Think sweaty feet during a rainy game. Often they are put in the sports bag without drying properly and forgotten, giving odor development free rein.

Dirty soccer shoes that stink

Soccer shoes stink of cat piss

It’s a familiar phenomenon: soccer shoes that give off an unmistakable smell of cat pee the day after practice or a game. One of the main causes of this is the closed material of the shoes, which makes them absorb sweat and moisture poorly.

But what often exacerbates the problem is keeping the shoes in a sealed plastic bag after use. This increases poor air circulation and promotes the growth of bacteria that cause this unpleasant odor.

Tired of your shoes stinking? Don’t give cat pee odor another chance with PediFris®. Sprinkle PediFris® in your shoes before entering the field. While you commit to the game, PediFris® works behind the scenes to keep your shoes and feet fresh and odor-free.


In no time, 100% fresh shoes and fresh feet all day long. No messing around with ointment, shoe deodorant or an expensive shoe dryer. None of this helps because the source of the odor is not addressed. It is bacteria and fungi that cause the smell!

PediFris® removes odor from smelly soccer shoes. By addressing this very source. It kills these bacteria and fungi so they can no longer cause odors.
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PediFris® and PediSpray® – Together for Fresh Feet

For the ultimate in foot care, combine PediFris® and PediSpray®. PediFris® keeps your shoes fresh and odor-free, while PediSpray® keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Together, they are the perfect combination to combat sweaty feet and unpleasant odors. Order now and enjoy fresh feet all day long.

Discover the power of PediFris® and PediSpray® and give your feet the care they deserve. Order today!

You can remove odor from soccer shoes by treating them with PediFris®. The unique formula kills fungi and bacteria, giving them no chance to cause foul odor and keeping your shoes fresh.


Airing soccer shoes


Never leave your shoes in a bag, have you had a game or trained? When you get home, take your shoe out of the bag right away. What also often works well is to let them dry overnight outside under a canopy. Sunlight also works wonders because it inhibits bacterial growth


How to dry soccer shoes


For the most effective drying results, fill your soccer shoes with old newspapers. These absorb moisture and help the shoes maintain their shape. Then let them stand overnight in a place with room temperature. A golden tip: avoid direct heat sources such as the heater. This can dry out the leather and lead to cracking. Choose this method and preserve the quality of your soccer shoes!


How do you make leather of soccer shoes supple?


Be careful with your shoes and maintain them properly. Clean them and pamper them regularly by greasing your soccer shoes

Start by applying a high-quality leather conditioner to keep the leather moisturized and flexible. Avoid direct heat sources such as hair dryers, as they can damage the leather.

Instead, it is best to use leather oil for extra nourishment. By consistently following these simple steps, your shoes will stay in top condition and you will enjoy a comfortable fit on the field!


An extra pair of shoes


Investing in an extra pair of soccer shoes can do wonders for both your performance and the longevity of your shoes. By alternating between pairs, each pair has a chance to dry completely, reducing the chance of wear and foot odor.

Moreover, regular alternation ensures that the leather of each pair gets the necessary “rest time,” keeping them supple for longer.


Sweaty feet in soccer shoes


Make your feet sweat less by using to aluminum chloride solution such as PediSpray®. Feet thus stay drier by reducing sweat production.

Refresh your shoes? Also, before wearing, put a small scoop of PediFris® shoe powder in your shoes. This prevents odor for both your feet and shoes


Can soccer shoes go in the washing machine?


While it may be tempting to quickly clean your smelly soccer shoes in the washing machine, this is not recommended. The washing machine can damage the material of your shoes and change their shape and fit.

For optimal life and performance of your soccer shoes, opt for manual cleaning with a soft brush and lukewarm water. This not only preserves the quality of your shoes, but also ensures effective cleaning without risk.

Do NOT put your soccer shoes in the dryer either. This will dry out the leather, affecting its suppleness, which can cause foot blisters or painful corns