Foot deodorant against sweaty feet

Foot Deodorant

PediSpray® is the deodorant for feet that helps you reduce sweat production. It combats bacteria and fungi that cause stinky feet for all-day fresh and dry feet.

It gives instant results and you are protected from excessive sweating for up to 5 days.

You address the problem at its source.


We all know the phenomenon of stinky feet. A very annoying and embarrassing problem which can lead to even more annoying situations. The stench is often unbearable and it can even be so bad that it can be smelled right through shoes. As a result, the shoes themselves will often emit a pungent odor as well. All in all, an accumulation of unwanted flavors.

Shoe or Foot Deo a solution?

There are many remedies on the market to solve all these odor problems. At least, these products are claimed to help. So what to do and is shoe deo really as affective as they say. What to do about this smell:

Let’s start with the basics because poor hygiene often underlies these odor problems. So make sure your feet are clean. In addition, some of the materials from which the shoes and socks are made also contribute to the odor problem. So washing feet is devise 1 and don’t wear synthetic materials will be devise 2. In this way, we are already halfway to the solution.
At this point, many one will reach for the spray can. In itself a nice solution but soon you will find that the odor quickly returns. And now you will think “why?”. Well that answer is very simple, the smell is still there. This never went away but was only masked by foot deo.

You have washed your feet and they are clean but your shoes still produce and spread odor. This is because they contain microorganisms that live on your perspiration and skin residues that remain in your shoes after wearing them.

Foot deodorant doesn’t work what does?

Deo simply does not work. Is there any solution then? The answer to this is, “Yes!”

Let’s start with perspiration. This can be reduced by using an antiperspirant. For this, you use PediSpray®. This remedy contains aluminum salts, these cause the sweat ducts to constrict so less perspiration is excreted. So with this is point 1. tackled.

Now for the shoes, you can clean them but then you’re not there yet. All sorts of things live in this, fungi, yeasts and bacteria of many shapes and sizes. These feed on skin debris and perspiration. In the process, they secrete a substance that leaves a foul odor. You can prevent this by treating your shoes with PediFris® shoe powder. This remedy works disinfecting it kills up to 99.9% of these microorganisms that cause odor.

Foot deodorant? Use PediSpray®.

In summary, foot deodorant, shoe deodorant it may work but will not solve the cause of your stinky feet problem. The smell goes away temporarily but thus will almost always return. Address the problem at the source with PediFris® and PediSpray®.

This is the way to get through the day with fresh feet and fresh shoes!

For optimal effectiveness, spray PediSpray® on clean, dry skin at night before bedtime.

Wash your feet thoroughly


Do this with a mild soap also under the nails and between the toes. Dry continue your feet.


Applying PediSpray®.


Apply the remedy by spraying it on the feet. Especially on the sole of the foot and between the toes because these are the areas where the skin perspires the most. +/- 4 to 6 pumps with the spray bottle.


Let the remedy take effect


Don’t put your socks on or stand until the spray has dried completely. The remedy must really act well on the skin for best results.


Effective for up to 5 days


The drug is effective for up to 5 days. You can just wash your feet and do your daily thing because it does its work in the top layer of skin.


How long the treatment lasts


Treat daily for the first week. Then do a single maintenance treatment with PediSpray® every two weeks. To get rid of smelly shoes and stinky feet for good, simultaneously treat your shoes with PediFris® shoe powder.

You do this the familiar way by simply sprinkling a small (tea) spoonful of powder into your shoe before putting it on.




PediSpray® contains aluminum salt, which constricts the sweat ducts. The remedy is therefore applicable to multiple areas of the body. (Feet, hands, armpits, back or chest).

Be careful not to apply it to newly shaved or damaged skin. If you feel you are getting a hypersensitivity reaction (itching, spots or bumps) discontinue treatment immediately to prevent further irritation.
Not sure if you are hypersensitive? If so, try the remedy on a small area of skin first.