Against sweaty feet, stinky feet and smelly shoes

Stop sweaty feet now!

When suffering from sweaty feet, smelly feet or smelly shoes. An effective and long-acting solution against the cause and effects of sweaty feet.

Free yourself and your environment from foot odor!

Step 1

Stop Excessive Sweating

Treat stubborn sweaty feet with PediSpray®. This narrows the sweat ducts so that the treated skin allows less perspiration to pass through.

Apply to clean skin in the evening so that the remedy is absorbed into the top layer of skin. It is effective for up to 5 days and you can simply wash your feet.

Step 2

Stop Foot Odor

Treat your shoes with PediFris® Classic and eliminate organisms that cause smelly feet and stinky shoes.

By wearing these shoes, you are also treating your feet right away. In most cases, odor complaints will disappear or be greatly reduced after only one day.

For all skin types, specially designed to combat foul odor and excessive perspiration through the unique PediFresh formula.

It works quickly and is effective for up to 5 days.

For dry, healthy feet all day 100% Fresh!