Foot spray against sweaty feet

Dry and odorless feet for up to 5 days

Confident through the day!

PediSpray® Foot Spray

Foot spray against sweaty feet reduces sweat secretion and fights the microorganisms that cause unpleasant odor.

After treatment, you experience immediate results and are protected from excessive sweating for up to 5 days. No odor masking because the product is fragrance-free and addresses the problem at the source.

Multiple Protection

In addition, the spray also offers protection against foot fungus and chalky nail. Use it immediately after visiting locker rooms or shower rooms. Carry a bottle of PediSpray® in your gym bag so that, after drying off, you can spray your feet for protection against infection.

Which foot spray to choose?

There is a wide range of foot sprays available, but which is the right one for you? In general, foot sprays fall into two main categories: deodorant and antiperspirant. Here we explain the difference.

Anti-perspirant: PediSpray®

PediSpray® is based on aluminum salt that constricts sweat channels, greatly reducing sweat production on the treated skin. This is an excellent choice because it addresses the source of the problem: by reducing sweat production, it prevents odor formation, making odor masking unnecessary.

PediSpray® foot spray falls into the antiperspirant category and, after spraying your feet, significantly reduces perspiration on the treated skin. In addition, PediSpray® contains Camphor, which has antiseptic properties and eliminates the microorganisms that cause unpleasant foot odor.


Foot deodorants work primarily by masking odors, often using perfumes. They do not address the cause of the problem the way antiperspirants do. PediSpray is not a foot deodorant, but an effective antiperspirant that addresses the cause of excessive sweating and foot odor!

PediSpray where to buy?

You can buy PediSpray through the webshop The price is €8.31 each through an attractive "2+1 free" offer. Also, our products are available exclusively through the site of our sales partner and

PediSpray Kruidvat

PediSpray is not available at Kruidvat, Etos or other chains

Aluminum hydroxy chloride solution

Aluminum hydroxychloride is one of the active ingredients in PediSpray. This drug is also known as aluminum salt or aluminum chloride. It ensures that on the treated skin, sweat ducts will be less active and perspiration will decrease. This will eliminate the penetrating sweat odor and inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Is aluminum salt safe?

Yes aluminum salt is safe to use. This has recently been demonstrated in several scientific studies and has also been confirmed by the rivm. You can read it here

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Frequently Asked Questions


Precautions for use


For PediSpray® to work optimally, it is important to apply it to clean and dry skin. Therefore, wash and dry your feet carefully.


How do you apply PediSpray?


As the name suggests, you spray the remedy on your feet. Especially on the sole of the foot and between the toes because these are the areas where the skin perspires the most. +/- 4 to 6 pumps with the spray bottle.


Let it soak in/dry well


Don’t put your socks on or stand until the spray has dried completely. The remedy must really act well on the skin for best results.


How long does PediSpray work?


The drug is effective for up to 5 days. You can just wash your feet and do your daily thing because it does its work in the top layer of skin.


Foot spray, how often and for how long to use?


Treat daily for the first week. Then do a single maintenance treatment with PediSpray® every two weeks. To get rid of smelly shoes and stinky feet for good, simultaneously treat your shoes with PediFris® shoe powder.

You do this the familiar way by simply sprinkling a small (tea) spoonful of powder into your shoe before putting it on.


What else to look out for


PediSpray® contains aluminum salt, which constricts the sweat ducts. The remedy is therefore applicable to multiple areas of the body. (Feet, hands, armpits, back or chest).

Be careful not to apply it to newly shaved or damaged skin. If you feel you are getting a hypersensitivity reaction (itching, spots or bumps) discontinue treatment immediately to prevent further irritation.
Not sure if you are hypersensitive? If so, try the remedy on a small area of skin first.


Complete the cure and also treat your shoes

Make sure the smell of stinky feet and stinky shoes disappears and does not come back. Also, treat your shoes with PediFris® Classic shoe powder.
This eliminates all odor-causing microorganisms.

Contents 50 ml
INCI: Aqua demi, Alcohol denat, Aluminum hydroxychloride, Propylene glycol, Camphorus