PediSpray® foot spray against sweaty feet

PediSpray® is your solution to sweaty feet and annoying foot odor.
The powerful formula reduces perspiration and keeps your feet fresh and odor-free all day.
Regain confidence.
Enjoy a worry-free day with protection PediSpray® foot spray.
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Say goodbye to sweaty feet and foot odor.

PediSpray® foot spray is specially formulated to reduce perspiration and eliminate foot odor, so you can go about your day with peace of mind. Its fast-acting and long-lasting formula make it the ultimate remedy for sweaty feet. Say goodbye to fresh and odor-free feet with PediSpray®.

Your feet sweat-free and dry

Don’t let sweaty feet ruin your day. PediSpray® foot spray provides immediate relief and keeps your feet dry and odor-free for up to 5 days. Step on PediSpray® with confidence and enjoy long-lasting freshness.

Fresh and confident all day long.

Don’t let sweaty feet ruin your self-confidence. PediSpray® foot spray is the convenient solution you need to reduce perspiration and prevent foot odor.

With the easy-to-use pump sprayer, you can quickly dispense the formula and get on with your day without worrying about unwanted odors. Stay fresh and confident with PediSpray® foot spray.

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