Stinky Slippers and slippers

Slippers are often super comfortable and feel nice and warm and soft on your feet. They relieve your feet from squishy pumps or sneakers after a long day. Only downside is that in many cases the material of the slippers is not breathable.


Especially not if they are made of synthetic material. Sweaty feet or foul odors are then soon around the corner. How do you prevent sweaty feet in slippers & slippers and the nasty smell associated with them?

Fresh smelling and dry feet with Pedifris products

PediFris® is an active product that you can use to combat sweaty feet and smelly slippers or slippers. The treatment is simple, you sprinkle it into your slipper or slipper before putting it on. With the use of PediFris®, you can quickly get rid of that annoying odor.

Why you get sweaty feet faster in slippers or slippers

House slippers are made to keep our feet warm and comfortable. They are often lined with fleece or other synthetic material. As a result, the ventilation and absorption leaves a lot to be desired. Thus, when wearing slippers, you can count on wet feet within a short time because the material completely seals the feet. .

Suffering from smelly slippers & slippers?

Yes, in general, we all get sweaty feet when wearing hot and closed shoes that do not have ventilating or absorbent properties. However, the problem lies in the microorganisms that remain in the slippers. This is because perspiration is not sufficiently drained or absorbed.

smelly slippers and feet

These leftovers provide an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. And these are the very things that cause foul odor and smelly feet and smelly slippers. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear slippers to avoid stinky feet.

Complete Care For Your Feet!

Give yourself the complete care you deserve, including your feet! For the ultimate in dry, fresh and comfortable feet, there’s PediSpray® antiperspirant. Apply this great solution at night after washing your feet.

Leave it on quietly while you sleep, and you will enjoy protection from excessive perspiration for up to 5 days. With PediSpray®, you’re guaranteed a step forward in confident, comfortable feet. Complete your day with the best care for your entire body, including your feet!

For smelly boots or other closed footwear, it works too!

PediFris is available exclusively through this webshop and Not satisfied with our product? No problem, we’ll just give you a refund! To do so, please contact our customer service department using the contact form and ask for the terms and conditions. Our staff is at your service!

And of course, PediFris® works not only for smelly shoes but also for all types of closed footwear that have an odor. Stinky boots, stinky athletic shoes, stinky ski boots or stinky soccer shoes. PediFris® makes the odor and related complaints disappear.