PediFris® Classic – remedy for smelly feet

All Day Fresh, Odorless Feet

Feel free to take off your shoes in company!


Make sure feet are clean and dry


Wash feet thoroughly and dry them carefully. This way, you ensure that no breeding ground is left for bacteria that produce sweaty foot odor.


Sprinkle PediFris® into the shoes


Sprinkle a small (half) teaspoon of PediFris® into each shoe. Shake shoes lightly so that the powder is well distributed on the insole and put on the shoe.
The powder dissolves while wearing the shoe and then does its job. Namely, fight fungi and bacteria that cause foot odor.


How long the treatment lasts


To get rid of stinky feet treat daily for the first week. Then do a single maintenance treatment with PediFris® shoe powder every two weeks.

Complete the cure, also treat your feet with PediSpray foot spray.


Also against odor in shoes that already stink


Yes, the remedy also works against odor in shoes that, due to sweaty feet, smell.

For this, you can also just sprinkle the powder into the shoe and wear the shoes. The smell on the inside of the shoe will then, after the shoe has been worn a few times, eventually disappear as well


To wear socks or not to wear socks?


When using PediFris products, wearing socks is recommended for better efficacy.

However, if you choose not to wear socks, this is also possible. When doing so, be aware of any wounds or damage to the skin, as the products come into direct contact with the feet.


What else should I pay attention to?


PediFris® foot powder is not for internal use, not suitable for pregnant women, not suitable for children under 4 years of age, not suitable for diabetics with diabetic foot wounds.

If a hypersensitivity reaction occurs after using the products, stop treatment immediately.


Complete the cure

Treat your Feet too!

For 100% dry, fresh and dry feet, also use PediSpray® antiperspirant.
Apply to your feet at night after washing.
Leave it on well and you are protected from excessive perspiration for up to 5 days

No messing around with ointment!

No one over his neck when you take off your shoes.

You can get around the house in socks again!

Remedy for stinky feet

  • Fight bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor.
  • Source control so no odor masking.
  • Fast-acting and long-term effective

If you search the web for a remedy for sweaty feet, you will find several types. In the process, there will be many promises of results and various claims that will cause you to quickly lose track.

Time for clarity, we list everything for you and provide the answer to the question, "Which remedy works best against sweaty feet?"

What remedies are available for stinky feet?

You can roughly divide resources into three categories.

  1. Anti perspirant
    Reduced perspiration
  2. Antifungal and bactericidal agents
    Control of odor-causing microorganisms
  3. Deodorant
    Perfuming / masking

In addition, the method of application of resources can still be divided into three categories

  • Powder against sweaty feet
  • Spray against sweaty feet
  • Cream or Ointment against sweaty feet

Powder against sweaty feet

The great advantage of powder against sweaty feet is that it spreads itself and has a "set & forget" approach. (This, of course, in addition to standard hygiene measures) You simply sprinkle it into your shoe, put the shoe on and you're done. The perfect cure to combat odor!

Spray against sweaty feet

Spray is used for targeted local treatment. This is especially true of sprays based on aluminum salts. These ensure that sweat production is regulated on the treated part of the skin. Ideal for treatment of feet or armpits. Spray works fast(immediately) and long-lasting (up to 5 days)

Sweaty feet ointment

Ointment against sweaty feet is in itself a great solution but there are quite a few drawbacks (literally and figuratively) to this. Because upon application, you soon notice that it's a mess. You often suffer from ointment residue that sticks to your hands or leaves stains in clothes or bedding.

So what is the best remedy for stinky feet?

Often the spray comes out on top. It works locally, quickly and directly. If the ailment is more persistent and you also have shoes and feet that are very smelly then PediFris® is the ideal remedy to use. Of course, you can also go for extra security by using spray and powder simultaneously.

Equine remedy for stinky feet

Because the effect of PediFris is so good, it is also called the horse's remedy for stinky feet. This is partly due to a multiple action, as it not only combats odor and sweaty feet it also offers protection against foot fungus and chalky nail

PediFris® Where to buy?

PediFris can be purchased through the webshop "". Through an attractive "2+1 free" offer. PediFris® is also available through the site of our sales partner and through Please note that our products are available exclusively through these channels.

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Note! PediFris foot powder is not for internal use, not suitable for pregnant women, not suitable for children under 4 years of age, not suitable for diabetics with diabetic foot wounds.
*Only valid for 2+1 offer If after using the 1st jar the desired result is not achieved, the remaining two (unopened) packages, including purchase receipt, can be returned, after which the unopened products can be reclaimed (excluding shipping costs). The 2+1 discount on the used product expires
** PediFris® Works best with closed footwear and socks.

Contents 50 grams