What to do about sweaty feet: Causes – Treatment

Do you still suffer from clammy smelly sweaty feet or smelly shoes after washing? We explain what you can do about sweaty feet and how you can quickly relieve yourself with our remedies for sweaty feet.

An effective and long-acting solution to the cause and effects of sweaty feet.
Free yourself and your environment from foot odor!


Why do our feet sweat?

All over our body you find sweat glands just under the skin, these cool the body and moisturize the skin. Our feet also contain sweat glands, up to 250,000 per foot. Normally, you sweat through your feet about a quarter of a liter of fluid a day. This may be more in some cases. There is then excessive sweating of the feet which can cause symptoms.

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What are sweaty feet?

You speak of sweaty feet when foot problems result from excessive sweating. Feet are then continuously wet, accompanied by a pungent odor or skin problems due to infection. The medical term for this is“hyperhidrosis pedis

Causes of Sweaty Feet

The causes of sweaty feet can range from genetic predisposition to environmental factors. Some common causes are:

  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Physical problems such as obesity, menopause, diabetes, and increased thyroid function
  • Certain drugs
  • Physical exertion, mental concentration, nervousness, anxiety or hot temperature
  • Insufficient hygiene
  • Wearing poorly ventilated shoes or socks
  • Age, especially during puberty

The sweat itself is odorless, but the bacteria on the feet break down the sweat into unpleasant-smelling waste products.

Symptoms of sweaty feet

Sweaty feet can cause a range of annoying symptoms beyond just damp feet. It is important to recognize these symptoms early to take effective action. The most common symptoms are:

Stinky shoe due to sweaty feet

Treating sweaty feet

Discover here an effective solution in just two easy steps to fix your problems with sweaty feet and unpleasant odors for good:

1. Stop excessive sweating

You can treat stubborn sweaty feet with PediSpray®. This narrows the sweat ducts so that less perspiration can penetrate to the surface of the skin on the treated area. Apply to clean skin in the evening and the remedy will be absorbed into the top layer of skin. It is effective for up to 5 days and you can simply wash your feet.

2. Fight foot odor

Treat your shoes with PediFris® Classic, this remedy eliminates organisms that cause stinky feet and stinky shoes. Because of its dual action, you treat both the foot and the shoe. In most cases, odor complaints will disappear or be greatly reduced after only two days.

What to do about sweaty feet

You can combat sweat and odor problems with our products. But we also have some tips against sweaty feet that will help prevent all this. Follow them and notice how liberating fresh feet can be!




Wash your feet with soap, this removes bacteria that produce unpleasant odor. Do this regularly (once or twice a day) This can be done with normal (mild) soap in most cases. In stubborn cases, we recommend antibacterial soap. Alternating baths (cold/hot) can help stimulate blood flow here.


Dry your feet thoroughly


Moisture is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, dry your feet carefully, not forgetting to dry well between the toes


Use a remedy for sweaty feet


One effective remedy is PediSpray® foot spray. It reduces sweat production, keeping your feet drier. This significantly reduces the possibility of unpleasant odors. In addition, PediFris® Classic offers a solution to eliminate odor. The combination of these two remedies is a perfect solution in the fight against sweaty feet.


Avoid synthetic socks

  • Wear cotton, bamboo or wool socks and avoid synthetic materials.
  • Put on clean socks every day and wash them at a high temperature.

For choice help, consult the following article with info on the best socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


Wear ventilated shoes


Wear shoes that ventilate so your feet don’t get too humid or hot. Change shoes daily to allow them to dry and prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Choose natural materials such as leather or canvas for better air circulation and moisture absorption so feet stay dry


Remove calluses


Calluses on the feet can contribute to an unpleasant odor because they absorb sweat. You can remove excess calluses using a file or rasp. This reduces moisture absorption and will reduce odor.

However, it can be difficult to treat calluses in hard-to-reach areas. In such cases, it is wise to seek the expertise of a pedicurist or medical pedicurist.